en Excerpts of texts05 de junio

When someone you love leaves this world one needs to work and strengthen  the most pure and possible Love for that being, Love is not gone, it is still present, it hasn´t died, the physical  body is the only thing gone. When we strengthen this Love, we give space to that being to follow the Road of Light, when leaving this world angels guide the soul to a place of rest. When either by attachment or grief we still keep our loved one close, we don´t allow the soul to leave, we make its passage more difficult.

Departure time from this world to the soul means time of thinking about what has been done, time of purifying all that can be purified on that level so when returning to this world it can start at the same level where it left it. When we love selflessly, without ties, with freedom, we lead and promote the Road to the Light, we will do more for that being if we devote time to do this, we won´t have time to live in sadness.

Don´t think we stop loving because we let go, this only creates confusion, we think because  our loved one is not close we can´t express our love, we tend to misunderstand  freedom with stop loving. Letting go doesn´t mean to stop loving, it means to stop considering that being as proper property. We aren´t holders of life, we´ll never be of anyone either.

There are no words to comfort someone who has lost a loved one, but the loss is physical, Love never dies. We should reinforce and nurture that love not from being attached, being attached doesn´t allow the distance between the souls to grow, physically we are not together, we need to give them the freedom they need.

Taken from ¨Truths revealed from awareness¨. Santa Fe, Argentina, April 2014.